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Construction News – Green Demolition

27th May 2015

In today’s “green” thinking society you would be excused for the thinking that the demolition of buildings creates substantial amounts of waste materials.  Well here at the Humber Enterprise Park this is far from the truth.  The highly skilled Demolition excavator drivers employed by the DSM Group are meticulous in their separation of wood, cables, steelwork and masonry. The skills that have been on show in the last few weeks have been outstanding.

Citivale Director James Appleton Metcalfe said “Most, if not all of the masonry and concrete is to be crushed into 6F2 and used as hardcore for the yard areas we are looking to create adjacent the main shed.  The metal and cabling is also all being recycled and I am very proud of the green practises that we have adopted on this project”.

Posted By HEP Communications | 27 May 2015