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HEP Supporting Local Education

28th June 2016

Our Estate Manager Peter Melling was recently approached by Biggin Hill School to take part in their annual “science week”.  The task of introducing both science and facilities management into a 45 minute activity was no small task and Peter structured the lesson around Newtons 3 laws of motion.  His lesson plan started with how gravity effects structures around us and then explored how this leads to a requirement to maintain walls, windows, doors, services etc.

Once the science element was out of the way the fun could begin.  Each group where given 5 sheets of card, 4 sheets of newspaper, masking tape and string; their remit to build the tallest tower capable of holding a tennis ball.

Peter Melling said “the children took to the task really well.  They separated out each of the jobs amongst themselves and with the help of an adult went about defying gravity.  Brilliant fun”.

Gabriella Grey, year 2 teacher said “what a lot of fun for both students and teachers alike!  We can’t thank the Humber Enterprise Park enough for allowing Peter to come along today and help us educate our children”.

The HEP is committed to working within the community and these kind of events really help the Estate shape the careers of our futures generations.

Posted by HEP Communications | 28 June 2016