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Into the Archives – Blackburn Aircraft

7th May 2015

Blackburn Aircraft was founded by Robert Blackburn, who built his first aircraft in Leeds in 1908. The Blackburn Aeroplane Motor Company was created in 1914, established in a new factory built at Brough inthe East Riding of Yorkshire in 1916, where Robert brother Norman Blackburn was later Managing Director. By acquiring the Cirrus-Hermes company in 1937, Blackburn started producing aircraft engines, the Blackburn Cirrus range.

The company name was changed to Blackburn Aircraft Limited in 1939, and the company amalgamated with General Aircraft Limited in 1949 as Blackburn and General Aircraft Limited, reverting to Blackburn Aircraft Limited by 1958.

As part of the rationalisation of British aircraft manufacturers, its aircraft production and engine operations were absorbed into Hawker Siddeley and Bristol Siddeley respectively. The Blackburn name was dropped completely in 1963.

Posted by HEP Communications | 07 May 2015

Photo credits: BAE System (Operations) Ltd.