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Office – Landscaping Project

21st November 2016
The HEP Management are keenly aware that our park should not just be a place to work, but also a proper community where lifestyle can be enjoyed. The development is people-centric – and not solely commercially-driven. To this end we are creating a running track on the perimeter of the site; a heritage museum, paying tribute to the rich history of aircraft manufacturing here; green spaces and allotments; break-out areas, modern catering facilities, including a food court, and spaces for art; as well as a fitness suite.

In support of deliverying this vision, a contract has been placed with Clear Interior Projects Ltd. to undertake a landscaping project including the refurbishment of two 70ft sea frieght containers prodviding a break out area and a fitness suite.  Works have commenced to form foundations and service ducts to the area.

Clear Interior Projects Ltd Project Manager Mike East said “This is an exciting project for Clear Interior Projects to undertake.  We are breathing new life into an area where large scale demolition has taken place. Peter Evans from Citivale said “This really is a huge part of the community feel that we want for the Park. Can’t wait to see the containers when we take delivery”.

Posted by HEP Communications | 28 November 2016