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Ask the experts: 3 factors in choosing the right office space for your business

18th April 2018

Choosing the right office space can be a long and difficult process, not least because of how much your working environment can affect your business. To help you on your way, here’s a few tips from property development experts, Citivale, who know a thing or two about building effective work areas.

1. Create a positive working environment

“If you want to make productivity a priority, it’s important to design your office with a choice of different working environments to suit different styles and personalities.”

James Appleton-Metcalfe, Managing Director of Citivale, believes it’s important to choose an open-plan design and offer a number of different workspace options, such as group tables for collaborating, and meeting rooms for privacy. Giving your staff lots of alternatives to choose from will bring out the best in your business.

The Humber Enterprise Park (HEP) itself offers flexible spaces that can be divided up on demand, along with a number of inside and outside ready-to-go breakout areas.

2. Think about the future

Peter Evans, Assistant Director at Citivale, advises: “Choosing an office area that is too small can make things feel cluttered, unproductive and maybe even dangerous. If you’re expecting to grow quickly, you’ll only have to move again a year or so down the line.”

Although you can never tell what the future might hold, low rental rates at the HEP make it worth taking on a bigger space than you might be ready for right now.

3. Create a work/life balance within the work environment itself

James believes taking part in exercise at work can hugely benefit both your physical and mental health. “Simply being outside has been proven to reduce stress, improve mood and boost cognitive performance.”

Whatever’s going on in the office, nature and exercise are both great healers, so choose a workplace where you can make the most of the outdoors.

“The HEP is located along the banks of the Humber, making it a peaceful location for a stroll. Or even a run – it’s got its own perimeter running track!”

Additionally, make sure it’s easy for your staff to get to you. Traffic jams getting into town create stress before anyone’s even arrived at work – and then there’s parking…

The HEP is located just outside of Hull city centre on the M62 motorway network, and close to Brough train station with direct trains to Leeds and London. There’s enough free parking for everyone, giving your staff one less thing to worry about.

To find out about how office spaces at the HEP can benefit your business, get in touch here, or take a 360 tour of them here.