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Turpin Bookkeeping Services enjoys buoyant year

19th March 2018
Turpin Bookkeeping Services, experienced bookkeepers and tenant at The HEP, has been receiving great press around the business’ development. It’s been a momentous year for the firm, where the numbers keep on stacking up.

Firstly, Turpin Bookkeeping Services has become a family firm, with owner Liz Turpin now joined by daughter, Bel. More staff have been recruited to cope with a growing workload, and Liz is also investing in new talent.


Liz Turpin has just celebrated her seventh year running her own company, and now employs three full-time and two part-time staff. After managing to cope in one office, Turpin Bookkeeping seized the opportunity to relocate to adjacent space at the Humber Enterprise Park towards the end of 2017. This was just two years after Liz moved her fledgling business to her home village to make the most of the location.

In addition to Liz and Bel, who handle business development, bookkeeping and payroll, there is Tom Hood – their longest employee and lead bookkeeper; Harry Chun is on a two-year working holiday from Hong Kong as a bookkeeper; Roxanne Bailiff, who joined the team in December as junior bookkeeper; and Liz Ewing, administrator/PA to Liz.

“It’s great to have a family connection with Bel joining me, and we can grow the business together, our sheer rate of growth has been staggering, with new clients every month. We’ve achieved this through networking and increasing the range of services through investing in staff development.”

Established in 2011 by Liz, Turpin Bookkeeping Services has over 20 years’ experience in business accounting, and works with a range of businesses throughout Hull and East Yorkshire – from sole traders to limited companies, business start-ups to growing enterprises and established firms.

Every business likes to support local talent and Turpin’s is sponsoring East Yorkshire musician Paula Bowes. The teenager from Burstwick, who plays viola, has performed in the last year at the Royal Albert Hall and on the BBC. Paula cited the importance of sponsorship to helping her make the most of career opportunities.

We hope the years continue to be prosperous for Turpin Bookkeeping Services, and all other businesses located at The HEP.