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5 office design trends to inspire your next office move

8th November 2018

Choosing the right office space for your business isn’t easy, which is why we put together these tips earlier this year. If you’ve got that part sorted, next you need to think about interior design!

As awareness of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace increases, these trends will help to give your team an extra boost while better promoting your company’s values and personality.

  1. Go green

Green spaces can improve concentration and job satisfaction by creating a more welcoming and natural office environment.

And as an added bonus, plants actually help to decrease sickness in the workplace through cleaner air and reduced dust and mould. The grass truly is greener on the other side!

With the flexibility that our offices offer, implementing green elements is an easy step to take from the start.

A few ways to incorporate greenery into your office include:

  • Desk plants
  • Living walls
  • Small potted trees


  1. Defurbishment

Defurbishment or ‘defurb’ is the process whereby buildings have been left or altered to expose the bare bones of their structure, including beams and brick or stone walls.

Trading out the tired grey carpets and ceiling tiles and incorporating natural materials like wood, slate and even water features encourage a eco-friendlier feel, and help to bring the outdoors indoors.

This style can also help to attract a younger demographic in both new staff and new clients.

  1. Tonal colours

Colour palettes are following the defurb trend too, with more tonal, natural and even pastel shades rising in popularity.

Tonal colours can help to make spaces look bigger as they reflect light and brighten up a room.

Whatever your colour preference, our spaces are ready to be made your own. Take a 360 tour and see what you’d go for!

  1. Space away from the desk

As many of us will be painfully aware, spending long periods of time in one place can significantly affect levels of productivity. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to spark brain activity.

Whether it’s multiple floors, quiet areas or communal chill out zones, providing different options can aid mental wellbeing, increase productivity and better suit different working styles.

Even informal meeting spaces with high backed chairs or secluded booths help to break up office layout and encourage a more relaxed atmosphere.

Our flexible layouts can be broken up as you choose, allowing for an infinite number of set ups.

  1. Encourage a healthier lifestyle

Some of today’s best office designs encourage employees to live a healthier lifestyle through movement.

Height-adjustable or standing desks are an easy way to keep people literally on their toes, while creative layouts that encourage people to get up and speak to each other instead of sending emails. Take it a step further – and make your team do the same.

All of these trends are linked and can be used to create a happier and healthier working environment that leads to better staff retention and higher productivity.

Why not create yours at the Humber Enterprise Park? View our available office spaces here.