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Developing the Brand

21st April 2016

At the heart of any great business is a first class product or service.  Indeed, every business wants to be a customer’s ‘first choice’. Building and managing a Brand can play a large part in making this happen and if you want to strengthen and manage the perceptions of any business, then a Strong Brand is needed. A good brand can elevate and differentiate your products or services and gives your customers reason to choose you over your competitors.

At the Humber Enterprise Park we have worked closely with our Partners at So Vibrant to develop the Humber Enterprise Park brand to develop a strong brand.  The brand gives the Park:

  1. A memorable and distinctive icon and iconography for Humber Enterprise Park
  2. An identity that aligns the amazing heritage of the HEP site with a modern, engaging aesthetic
  3. An identity that references the unique locale of HEP
  4. An identity that the local community and park residents can feel part of and enjoy
  5. An identity that has a wealth of creative potential for further application
  6. An identity that establishes quality and personality within the new offering
  7. An identity that uses the golden age of aviation to help convey a new golden age for HEP

With the imminent completion of the offices and the HEP mural as well as forth coming signage and way finding, coupled with Quick wins such as adding the coloured slip streams to repainted doors, the Humber Enterprise Park is now beginning to develop a truly unique identity.

Posted By HEP Communications | 19 April 2016