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Into the Archives – Blackburn Iris Flying Boat (1926)

17th May 2016

Searching the internet uncovers some wonderful pieces of History. Potentially to promote its first flight from the Blackburn Aircraft Factory from Brough, a film was taken of the five-seat Iris (which was an elegant biplane flying-boat) taking off from the River Humber. The first of only eight built flew on 19 June 1926. The single Iris I, powered by three 484.4kW Rolls-Royce Condor III engines, was converted into the II with 503kW Condor IIIA. It was followed by four Iris Ill with 503kW Condor IIIB engines (entering service with the RAF in 1930); a single Mk IV (the first prototype with 596kW Armstrong Siddeley Leopard Ill, mounted as two tractors and one pusher); and three V with 615kW Rolls-Royce Buzzard IIMS engines. A III was also brought up to V standard.


Click here to view the video in you tube

Posted by HEP Communications | 17 May 2016