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Into the Archives – Patchett & Co Ltd

6th November 2015
On a cold and wet afternoon, our Estate Manager Peter Melling visited the demolition site to review progress.  With a site as large and steeped in history as the Humber Enterprise Park, we often find that it will give us glimpses into its past through the most unlikely of sources.

It is common practice for a demolition 360 excavator driver to use an item from the demolished building to aid the site clearance. Sitting on top of a pile of rubble that was once building 77, the driver was using a section of Steel RSJ to form the rubble pile.  Stamped on the side were the words PATCHETT & CO LTD.  With hope that this was still a functioning company, Peter delved into the world of the internet to research this company.

Incorporated as a private limited company in 1937, the company was unfortunately dissolved on the 25th February 2003.  Even so, to consider this beam being installed post 1937 by men who likely then went off to fight for our freedom in WWII is a real nod to the history that is both on show and hidden right across the Park.

Have a good weekend.