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Put a spring in your step with the HEP

26th March 2019

The HEP is a great place to work all year round but as better weather approaches, the benefits of our enviable riverside location and facilities like our outdoor running route really come into their own.

Here we take a look at some of the way working at the HEP can put a spring in your step.

Big skies by the water

We owe our setting close to the River Humber to the history of our 79-acre site, which was originally set-up by aviation pioneer Robert Blackburn in 1916.

He chose the spot because its proximity to the water made it the perfect place for working with seaplanes.

Blackburn’s company was a forerunner to today’s aircraft industry and world-leading manufacturer BAE Systems maintains a presence at the business park.

And although a runway still exits on the site, today there are no longer planes taking to the skies from the HEP.

So the beauty of the water and the big skies around our location are for all our tenants to enjoy, either thanks to views from their office windows or from outside spaces, such as our eating area.

It’s an asset we believe encourages people to enjoy fresh air and natural light as much as possible and it’s something which could boost productivity too.

One piece of research highlighted in America last year found workers in a call centre processed calls faster when they have the best possible view compared to those with no view.

Fit for work 

The businesses based at the HEP are a mixture of manufacturing and office based tenants.

But whether workers are on their feet on a busy production line or tied to their desks all day, there are plenty of reasons to get active at our business park.

There’s a one-mile running track that’s perfect for everyone from novice runners to keener athletes who want to time their pace over a set distance.

It’s not just for running either – walking the route is a great way to help reach the widely aimed for goal to complete 10,000 steps a day.

There’s even a board located next to the track where people can record their time and distance in a bid to encourage healthy competition among our tenants.

We also have a free-to-use gym with a good range of equipment for training with the added benefit of being on site, making it convenient to keep fit and stay motivated.

With a study highlighting the fact that companies who care about their workers’ wellness outperform others on the stock market, facilities like these are a bonus which could make a difference to your bottom line.

Hack your commute

The HEP is just a short distance from the mainline railway station of Brough making it easy to take the train to work.

This is not only handy for business travel – with daily services to the north and London King’s Cross – but if you use it for your commute, you could gain time back for yourself.

Or why not take the time to get ready for the business day? Checking through emails, looking at your calendar or keeping up with industry news is a positive way to start work while on the move.

Commuting by car? Based to the west of Hull, the HEP has excellent access to the motorway network and is a short distance from the M62, M18, A1M and M1.

There’s plenty of parking on site and as there are a wide range of businesses based here, you may find it is possible to car share with someone who lives locally to you.

This will help you cut costs and it’s better for the environment too.

If you want to make a fresh start with a move to the HEP this spring, contact us