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Spirit of the Humber Enterprise Park

10th March 2015

1916 – 2016 Centenary of British Aviation in East Yorkshire

2016 will be the 100th anniversary of the Brough site and as part of the celebrations a team of enthusiasts are to replicate the flight of the first Blackburn aircraft flown from Brough. A team of volunteers are to replicate the flight of the first Blackburn aircraft flown from Brough. The project is intended to provide a central element of the centenary celebrations and to further publicise the Humber Enterprise Park.

On  a very cold November day in 1916, Blackburn Seaplane Tail number 1416 was guided out of it’s hangar, down the slipway and into the Humber, and that marked the first Blackburn plane that flew from Brough.

Time, cost and limited available space are against building a full scale replica of ‘1416’ to mark the centenary but the team who named themselves ‘Blackburn Flyers’ are proposing to build a very large (7.2m wing span) scale model. This would be an imposing sight, especially if it were arranged to fly from the river.

In addition to the challenges of building and certifying such a large model in the time available, it is planned  to bridge 100 years by including a 21st century electronics fit with candidates such as Data-link, GPS, MEMS Gyroscope, 3D video telemetry etc.

For more details you can view the website set up by the group .

Posted By HEP Communications | 10 March 15

Photo credits: BAE System (Operations) Ltd.