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Humberside Police dogs set to train at the HEP

21st February 2018
We’re delighted to be welcoming police dogs to our site to help with their training and development.

Humberside Police dog handlers and their canine recruits will now be able to access our site’s large outdoor space and buildings free of charge, as and when they wish to complete various exercises.

The force is currently looking to increase its number of dog handlers from 12 to 16. Dog handler PC Adrian Noble told us new training locations are always welcome.

“This means that there are no dog walkers or members of the public who can inadvertently disrupt a training exercise by introducing new scents to the area.

“There is also a good mix of office and industrial buildings and plenty of space which is particularly suited to our larger breeds such as German Shepherds.”

James Appleton-Metcalfe, managing director of site-owner and property developer Citivale, said: “Humber Enterprise Park has a significant history and has played an important part in the community locally for more than a century.

“We want to continue that role and our partnership with Humberside Police dog handlers helps us to do that.

“It’s fantastic to be able to support this vital public service and helping our local force fight crime.”